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The "True Denim Capital of the World"​ is a Disgrace to the Industry. We should Act Now!

Published by: Team | Date: Feb 12, 2017 | Source: AETUBA.COM

If you’re a bit of a Denim enthusiast like me, you are wearing Jeans to work today, and if, like me, you’re a bit of a Jeans fanatic who doesn’t manage hedge funds, your Jeans are fairly run of the mill. The specials I wear today were made in Pakistan. But most of my other Jeans are made across Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor in southern China, and may very well have been made in Xintang, the so-called "True Denim Capital of the World".

One in three pairs of Jeans sold globally is made in this industrial town. A small city in the heavily industrialized Pearl River Delta area of Guandong province. Xintang is completely devoted to Denim.



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    Gary Frenchman about 7 years ago

    We at Taylor Home & Fashions Ltd. totally applaud your article. We have dedicated our research to finding a way to recreate the indigo denim look without using indigo dye or chemicals to give the same faded look. Our product GiDelave (TM) does just that. It is a totally new, unique way to offer the same indigo look without the side effects you mention. We save 95% fresh water, 95% waste water, 50% energy, and it is bleachable. You can visit our website: or e-mail me direct at [email protected]. Come visit our booth at the May Kingspin NY show. Keep up the good work!

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