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Five Brilliant Denim Companies to Watch Today

Published by: Team | Date: Feb 15, 2019 | Source: AETUBA.COM

Since the very inception of Denim, designers, visionaries, manufacturers and artists have been using this medium as the base for their creativity. Denim is the fabric that has managed to stand the test of time, never going out of style, always offering the same creative license to every artist who chooses to pursue it.

Although Denim has taken many weights, shapes, forms, and interpretations for the last 150-years, we’re going to look at the top Denim companies leveraging this material a fortiori. These are five Denim companies to watch:

     Nudie Jeans:
     Based out of Gothenburg, Sweden, with 15-years of experience as a company, Nudie Jeans
     commits to using all organic cotton and Japanese selvedge denim (the narrow, tightly
     woven band that is used to connect seams on the inside of certain jeans, preventing them
     from unraveling). Creating high-contrast fading denim pieces, recently adding prefaded
     jeans to their portfolio, Nudie Jeans is a company to watch in the coming months.


    Naked & Famous:
    Founded nearly 10 years ago in Montreal, Naked & Famous also uses Japanese
    selvedge denim in the creation of their products. Known for leveraging denim in
    more playful ways than most brands in the game, this team once designed the
    world’s heaviest jean at 32 ounces (to compare, mid-weight jeans are from 12 to 16
    ounces and heavyweight jeans are above 16 ounces). This creative team has even
    made glow-in-the-dark jeans, definitely earning them a title as one of the Denim companies you should be following.


        Stevenson Overall Company:
        The Stevenson Overall Company was relaunched from the encounter of Zip Stevenson
        and Atsusuke Tagaya with the aim to redevelop the process of creating jeans with a
        “flat felled seam” that are constructed with the sewing methods used before the 1920's.
         Famous for mimicking raw, vintage-style Denim in all of their products, still including
         modern details that keep the pants avant-garde, Stevenson Overall Company turns
         heads with their handmade belt loops, curved back pockets, and additional details that
         only a Denim fiend would notice. Additionally, the company uses one of the only single
        needle production machines in the world, which means yes, they are using a single sewing machine to pump out their products. Talk about commitment to quality.

  Kapital, founded in 1984, takes its name from the city of Kojima, which has become known
  as the "Denim Capital" of Japan. Offering a glow    in the dark jean, Kapital is reworking the
  classic American Denim look, releasing a completely green Denim that was dyed in grass
  clippings in the past. They have also dabbled in two-toned jeans, high rise jeans designed
  by blending different cast of Denim, together with unusual stitch patterns that are truly
  one of a kind. Coveted for its innovative and oftentimes rebellious approach to traditional
  Americana, the brand never fails to surprise its fans with each new collection, some past
   titles including “Azure Anarchy," "Sea Gypsies," and "Denimking for Sunken Treasure."

The Real McCoy:
Owned by a Japanese businessman who used to drive around America and collect old WWII jackets and jeans, the Real McCoy products are stitched poorly, on purpose, to reflect how they once looked 70 years ago. It’s a special take on modern day perfection that definitely starts a conversation. While the fits have been updated a bit to blend with more modern wardrobes, everything else is exactly as its original. It just doesn't get better than this if you're looking for wearable Denim of the early and mid-20th century.


This is our take! As we see, Denim style and fashion is ever-evolving, providing designers with the resources they need to really embark on a creative journey. What’s your favorite Denim Company in the game today? They all start with a little Denim fabric and a sewing machine.


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